Short URLs. QR codes. Conversion Tracking. 

Marketing just got a whole lot simpler.
  • Track visits and conversions
  • Know immediately what's working
  • Drastically increase marketing ROI
  • Create viral marketing campaigns
  • Manage all marketing in one place
  • Skyrocket your business!

Marketing has never been simpler.

scrimp.iT is a revolutionary new software that drastically increases marketing ROI by combining the power of short URLs, QR codes, and conversion tracking...make your marketing more successful and effective than ever before!

Designed with conversion in mind

Because what's the point in marketing if you can't track conversions? scrimpiT has a built in pixel based conversion system . . . so you know what's working.

Nobody is too big or too small

scrimpiT was designed for EVERY business. Whether you are a small Mom and Pop shop or a large multi-national corporation, we've got you covered. scrimpiT was built from the ground up with simplicity, scale and performance in mind.

Simple To Use And Understand

Who has time to read through technical manuals? Using software should be simple and intuative. We designed scrimpiT with the end user in mind, keeping it clean and simple.

Tracking ALL of your marketing

We know that you are probably using other services and systems to track your marketing effectiveness. scrimpiT was designed to show the effectiveness of all of your systems in one spot. Everything you do in your marketing campaigns can be tracked with scrimpiT..

Watch scrimp.iT In Action!

scrimp.iT takes your marketing campaigns viral with one-of-a-kind features seen no where else on the market:
  • Password- triggered short URLs for viral marketing
  • Limit-based short URLs (“Only 5 copies available!”)
  • Expiring short URLs (“Only available until Friday!”)
  • Real time conversion tracking (not just visits) for increased ROI
  • 3-level organization system: project, campaign, and short URL/ QR code
  • Robust analytics provides deep insight into customer profile
  • Edit any short URL/QR code in real time
  • And more...

Finally! A short URL and QR code service that actually makes sense!

For the first time, marketing with short URLs and QR codes actually makes sense! Sure, others are doing either short URLs or QR codes . . . and even a few are doing both. But nobody is doing them like this!

We have multiple projects, with multiple campaigns within a project, with multiple short URLs and QR codes within a campaign. You can set up simple tracking campaigns and you can set up unbelievably complex tracking campaigns, we've got you covered either way. 


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