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Earn up to $60/month recurring commissions PER SALE with proven short URL, QR code, and conversion tracking software unlike anything else on the market! 

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So why the heck aren't we launching this on JVZoo or WF?

We don't sell scrimp.iT through platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Plus because it was more important to our customers to have only one bill a month.

We designed scrimp.iT billing to allow customers to add or subtract blocks of short URLs and QR codes at any time, all from within the application.  Our billing system automatically handles prorating those purchase adjustments, making the customer experience clean and seamless with one monthly bill.  At the same time it keeps our affiliates on a monthly payout.

Systems like Warrior Plus and JVZoo do not have that kind of freedom and flexibility.  Every purchase is billed separately based on the date and time of the original purchase.  The result for a customer with multiple purchases is a nightmare of smaller bills coming in throughout the month and nobody wants that. So we have designed our own affiliate and payment system to allow for these requirements.

And don't worry, as your customer expands their use of Scrimp.iT by buying more blocks, YOU continue to get commissions on everything that customer purchases. They are your customer for life!

The Product

Simple Tool...Powerful Results!

Thank you for your interest in promoting scrimp.iT! No matter who your customer is or what niche you are in, they will LOVE this product, and love you for bringing it to them!

scrimp.iT is the industry’s most powerful and effective marketing software that shows you exactly who your customers are, where they are, and most importantly, what they want with real customer shopping data.

Now you may be thinking...there are a lot of short URL and QR code services out there...And you're right. There are. But we guarantee that nobody is doing them like this!

Because unlike the popular services out there, scrimp.iT seamlessly blends the 3 powerful technologies (a short URL service, a QR code generator, and a conversion tracker) into one seamless, easy-to-use software.

The result? Marketing SUCCESS that you never knew was even possible!!! Trust us, once your customers start using scrimp.iT, they'll be hooked for good!!! 

Game Changing Features Your Customers Will Die For!

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  • 3 Organization Levels: project, campaign, short URL
  • Built-in pixel-based conversion tracker
  • Password-triggered short URLs for viral marketing
  • Limit-based short URLs (“Only 5 copies available!”)
  • Expiring short URLs (“Only available until Friday!”)
  • Trackable QR code marketing campaigns

Why Promote scrimp.iT?

Easy Sell

The value scrimp.iT brings to clients with increased ROI for marketing is undeniable, and it starts with a 14-day free trial to get them hooked with no risk!

Lifelong Customers

scrimp.iT’s design makes switching costs very high for customers. Once they’re in, they’ll be in for a LONG time…which means one sale could put money in your bank account for years to come!

Recurring Commissions

Because scrimp.iT is a software as a service (SaaS) product, one sale will result in recurring commissions of up to $60/month! Mailbox money at its best!

Value for Every Niche

scrimp.iT was built for everyone; there is no customer to large or too small. If they market, they will love scrimp.iT!
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scrimp.iT Product Offers



Per Month
Per Month

One block of 250 short URLs

Six blocks of 250 short URLs

One block of 250 QR Codes

Six blocks of 250 QR Codes

Email Support

Email and Phone Support

Single User Account

5 Small Business Accounts

Affiliates earn $14/month per sale!

Affiliates earn $60/month per sale!

scrimp.iT is the ULTIMATE affiliate opportunity!

No matter which niche you are in, you're customers will go CRAZY over scrimp.iT. They can start 100% RISK FREE with a 14-day free trial, which makes it an easy sell for you and when they see the incredible value it will bring to their business, each sale will rake in recurring monthly commissions for you for months and even years to come!

There is NOTHING like scrimp.iT on the market and this is an exclusive opportunity that is only being offered to a select number of affiliates.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity! 

Need to check it out for yourself? 

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  • I’ve never seen one that does it like this
  • I tried it myself...and I’m hooked!
  • I’m usually not wrong...but I was on this one!


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My friend Garret just told me about his new marketing software that creates viral marketing campaigns and lets you track conversions…

At first I was like “yeah, I’ve seen this before”. But he’s a good friend so I went ahead and check it out.

And all I can say is: MAN WAS I WRONG! (and that doesn’t happen often :-)

This software will skyrocket your marketing in a way I GUARANTEE you’ve never seen before.I tried it myself and I’m hooked for good!


This is literally the most POWERFUL marketing software I have ever seen, I’ve already gained insights that are increasing my ROI...

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I’m not talking about a 30 day money back guarantee, nope, he’s letting everyone give this puppy a whirl for 14 days without paying a cent! You literally have nothing to lose!

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  • Want to read your customers minds?
  • Stop guessing what your customers want...start knowing!


Wouldn’t that make marketing easier? If you could know exactly who they are, where they are coming from, and what they really want?

We’re not all clairvoyant...but with this software you might as well be!  

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