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A complete integration of both short URL and QR code technologies, scrimp.iT gives marketing professionals & companies full control to track their business marketing and campaigns.

Why Is scrimp.iT Right for You?

QR Code marketing is fast growing technology for selling your products and services both offline and online.  scrimp.iT has integrated both Short URL and QR Code technologies with many features, and sells at an honest price.

Whether you are a small independent company or large multi-site business, scrimp.iT is the right sales and marketing tool for either single or multiple campaigns.

With Scrimp You Know Who Your Customers Are and What They Want!

Now you can easily adjust your marketing strategies based on REAL consumer shopping data!  scrimp.iT offers businesses the ability to reach mobile users by combining your existing marketing efforts with targeted QR Code campaigns.

Scrimp makes sure you that your branded message is loud & clear to consumers shopping for products and services.

Put Your Marketing Power In the Palm of Your Customers Hands!

In today’s market, consumers need to have instant and actionable content at their fingertips.  With Scrimp businesses can know who customers are and what they want!  Let us show you how you can easily put your marketing projects and campaigns in the palms of your customers hands with real-time updates!!

Start Scrimping Now!