Market. Better.

Know what’s working...always.

By integrating short URLs, QR codes, and conversion tracking software into your existing marketing campaigns, scrimp.iT completely takes the guesswork out of your will ALWAYS know what’s working.

Whether you’re marketing offline with coupons, brochures and posters or online with social media, newsletters, and web pages, scrimp.iT gives you real time data that shows you EXACTLY which of your campaigns are converting leads into business.

Simple, Intuitive, Holisitic

You’ve got a business to run, and you don’t have time to manage multiple software programs and navigating complicated interfaces.

scrimp.iT is not only simple and intuitive to use (you can create and start tracking campaigns in just minutes), but it was designed to let you to manage ALL of your marketing initiatives (online and offline) in one place, freeing you to focus on what really matters - your success!

Know What Your Customer Really Want With Conversion Tracking Software

Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools

With scrimp.iT’s robust statistics and analytics, you will gain deep insight into your customer profile.

scrimp.iT’s built-in conversion tracking software will also tell you not only track visits but conversions on each campaign. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily adjust your marketing strategies based on REAL consumer shopping data in seconds.

scrimp.iT was  built to take your marketing campaigns viral with one-of-a-kind features seen no where else on the market that will give you a competitive edge over the competition:

  1. Password- triggered short URLs for viral marketing (“watch until the end of the video for the password to receive your discount”)
  2. Limit-based short URLs (“Only 5 copies available!”)
  3. Expiring short URLs (“Only available until Friday!”)