A Different Kind of QR Code Generator

QR Code Marketing That ACTUALLY Works!

With consumers becoming increasingly mobile, QR code marketing gives your business a unique opportunity to engage consumers wherever they are. And despite what you may hear, QR code marketing is far from dead - brands like Macy’s, JC Penny, Google, Taco Bell and Mountain Dew recently had wildly successful marketing campaigns using QR codes.

There are lots of QR code generators on the market, but NONE of them with the power of scrimp.iT! scrimp.iT's QR code generator is seamlessly combined with the tracking features of short URLs, allowing you to capture invaluable information about your customers from your print marketing!

Engage Customers With Viral Marketing Features

Whether you are promoting a product or event, offering an exclusive award, or anything else, scrimp.iT’s viral marketing features coupled with an effective QR code generator will engage your customers on a level never before possible. Here are a few examples:

  1. Create a QR code combined with a password- triggered short URLs (“scan to watch video where we reveal the password to receive your discount”)
  2. Combine QR codes with limit-based short URLs (“Scan to claim your copy - only 5 available!”)
  3. Couple QR codes with expiring short URLs ("Scan to sign up now...offer ends Friday!)

Simple and Easy To Use

scrimp.iT's QR code generator doesn't just create effective marketing tools...it tracks what's working! Tracking QR codes with scrimp.iT is quick, easy and efficient. QR codes can be created in minutes and be copied and ready to be placed on print materials with the click of a mouse.

As with everything else in scrimp.iT, QR codes offer real time visit and conversion tracking when combined with short URLs, so you will ALWAYS know which campaigns are working.