Good Marketing Comes In Small Packages

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing your customer is paramount to your success - and scrimp.iT’s short URL service equips you with the markets deepest insights into customer behavior.

In addition to in-depth analytics and statistics, scrimp.iT’s short URL service is seamlessly combined with a built-in conversion tracker, giving you with real-time customer shopping data so you’ll know when your customers are buying!

You can’t know your customer any better than this!!!

short URLs and conversion tracking software

Short URLs...Long Term Customers

complete control over all short URL marketing campaigns
scrimp.iT’s short URL service was built not only to give you deep insights into which campaigns are successful, but to proactively help you build successful campaigns. scrimp.iT’s built-in viral marketing features are refreshingly unique and designed to have your customers engaged, sharing, and converting! One-of-a-kind features such as:

  1. Password- triggered short URLs for viral marketing (“watch video where we reveal the password to receive your discount”)
  2. Limit-based short URLs (“Claim your copy here - only 5 available!”)
  3. Expiring short URLs (Sign up now...offer ends Friday!”)

Complete Control

We understand that you need a service that can be customized to your specific needs.

That’s why scrimp.iT gives you a level of control over your short URLs that is unsurpassed in today’s market. You have control over every aspect of your short URL, including the ability to edit any element of the short URL at any time without ever disabling the link:

  1. Customize the short URL tag (ex.
  2. Change the long URL at any time without modifying the short URL
  3. Expire or delete a short URL at any time
complete control over all short URL marketing campaigns